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Adapting to an AI World
Adapting to an AI World
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From intelligent searches to prompts in your favourite apps, AI has been part of our lives for years. However, the public launch of Chat GPT and the ensuing explosion of Large Language Models and Generative AI, will continue to transform our world. 

This Playbook doesn't have all the answers, but you'll find some useful ideas and concepts to help arm you for what looks like a turbulent AI-driven future. 

This Playbook includes the following sections, select a heading to jump to that section.
Take another look at your approach, attitude, and practice to the rise of AI.
Curiosity Zone
Curiosity is always your best friend through times of change and disruption. The Curiosity Zone is a reminder that you need foundational knowledge in a topic to be curious, so how are you getting your foothold in the rise of LLMs? If you haven't done so already, it might be as simple as starting to play with Chat GPT or Bing today.
Eliza Effect
The Eliza Effect is a warning not to attribute human characteristics into the latest batch of LLMs, especially if that leads you to overshare with corporate products and sacrificing your privacy, data, and even emotions.
Extended Mind Thesis
You've likely heard the phrase, "you won't be replaced by AI, you'll be replaced by someone who uses AI." The Extended Mind Thesis is like a guidebook for the way to think about your relationship with AI. Use such tools to extend and augment your brain so you can have a bigger impact.
Moore’s Law

Moore's Law is a timely reminder about the pace of technological progress, though we're still waiting to see what sort of leaps and bounds AI and robotics will face in the coming period.
Functional Fixedness

They say that when cameras were first invented, there was a tendency to film theatre. It took a cultural shift to consider close-ups and cutaways. With the rise of AI, ask yourself what in your world will take on a new meaning. Functional Fixedness is a timely reminder to look again at everything around you with fresh perspective.
The despotic futures of AI are unlikely, but they might be worth considering as you make plans.
Plan and even help to avoid the worse of AI by applying Inversion and asking what could go wrong here? Rather than focusing on brilliant and utopian AI, just support initiatives that mitigate against the worst.
Second-Order Thinking

The race is on to commercialise and expand AI, and particularly LLMs. That's unfortunate, because ideally we'd be taking time to collectively take stock and consider ongoing and downstream implications.
Risk Matrix

What really is the likelihood and the potential impact of risk related to AI? How are we approaching and mitigating these risks? This simple grid framework is a start to have such conversations.
Swiss Cheese Model

After identifying risks, the next step is to put in mitigation and controls against them. The Swiss Cheese Model might help here.
Black Box Thinking
Perhaps one of the most useful things we can demand of AI is for transparency about its decision-making process. Black Box Thinking was developed for organisations, but the same principles apply to AI. If an AI can't explain it's decision making process and inputs, how can we trust it, how can we stress test it, and how can we improve it?
What if AI actually helped the world improve? What would you need to do to prepare and even support this more positive future?
Creative Destruction

Many are concerned that AI will disrupt and destroy industry, business, and even humanity. Others will point to this classic economic model with the view that while AI are the seeds of economic destruction, it's the nature of progress that they will also create something new.
Eisenhower Matrix
Perhaps AI won't rise up to become our overlords, perhaps it will simply be here to help and support us. If that's the case, why not use the Eisenhower Matrix to better delegate to and partner with AI?
Want some useful prompts for your LLM? Try Rolestorming, asking the chatbot to take on an argument like a 'top lawyer', or write a convincing argument 'in the voice of Obama', or describe pros and cons from artistic, scientific, and specialist points of view.
Deliberate Practice
Use AI to accelerate your skill development by asking it to be your personal coach. Setting it up to provide you on the spot and personal feedback for your work will allow you to Deliberately Practice. Leverage other learning models such as the Feynman Technique (ask it to explain something complicated to you like you were a child) and Spaced Retrieval (ask it to test you on something over time).
For a moment, let's imagine a wonderful future. Perhaps AI will remove much of our repetitive and simple work? Perhaps there will be a universal basic wage to support those who suddenly become out of a job. In that utopian world, you're going to want to have a plan to achieve happiness, so use this model to know what that looks like for you.
Whether it's this year, the next 5 years, or the next decade, it's very likely that AI will disrupt, transform and shake things up. Here are some final tips on staying sane amidst our crazy future.
Circle of Concern & Influence

What can you really impact in the discussion of AI? Likely it's about how your company upgrades, and how you in turn will upgrade your skills and capabilities.
T-Shaped People

How will you develop yourself? What skills will be relevant in an AI world? It's still hard to tell but the basic principle stands, build your broad capabilities horizontal, and go deep into your area of specialty.
Stability Zones
Finally, consider how you will provide some certainty and stability to yourself through this period of transformation. What will you use as your anchor or Stability Zone through disruption.

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