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Interview: Learning & Mental Models
Interview: Learning & Mental Models
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Arun, the co-founder of ModelThinkers, discusses learning agility, adaptability and the benefits of building a latticework of mental models in this video interview with Jeff Dalto. 

Filmed a few weeks before the launch of ModelThinkers, Arun discusses the project's background and how mental models can be applied to a range of contexts from work to life. See the interview here: 


The original interview was posted here. Huge thanks to Jeff Dalton this wonderful conversation.

Here are some of the Mental Models covered in the interview:


This Playbook includes the following sections, select a heading to jump to that section.
T-Shaped People

The interview explores the increasingly complex world that we live in and how it demands T-Shaped people — particularly learning from a range of disciplines... which leads to the next model.
Munger's Latticework
And of course this is a big focus of the interview, as a key goal to be a better thinker.
The Pareto Principle
A favourite model and convenient example of Mental Models.
Map vs Territory
Arun discusses the limitations of all Mental Models.
And another favourite discussed in the interview.
Compounding (Snowball Effect)
Arun's final advice for embracing Mental Models - use the power of marginal gains and Compounding.
Fast and Slow Thinking
The interview discusses the differences between heuristics and biases, inspired by Behavioural Economics and this model in particular.
Mental Models
An interview about Mental Models has to kick off with this discussion - Jeff raises the relationship between models and 'schemas'.
Nonviolent Communication
Arun discusses his lessons from parenting, especially Non-Violent Communication which later informed his understanding of Design Thinking.
Confirmation Heuristic
This model is used as a specific example of heuristics, including tips on how to avoid its bias.

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