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Use this Memory Hack to Remember Models
Use this Memory Hack to Remember Models
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So you've chosen dozens of new mental models to boost your decision making, thinking and impact... but what's the point if you can't remember them? 

Don't worry, we've got you covered. And, just to prove it, I'll explain how with the help of two, connected, mental models. Now your choice — keep reading or dive into a quick 'show and tell' of how this works in the video below. 


Whether you watched the video or not, let's jump into the first mental model which is one of the most evidence-based memory hacks available. It's actually cheating slightly because it combines two evidence-based strategies that have been demonstrated time and time again to make a huge impact. 

Let me introduce...

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Leitner System
The Leitner System is a counter intuitive, dare I say frustrating approach. By focusing on stuff you don't know, and giving yourself time to forget stuff you know, you'll have the (wrong) imp
Spaced Retrieval
Spaced retrieval involves breaking up your available learning time into short, spaced sessions where you actively retrieve the information. It's a powerful model that is brought to life by...

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